Friday, July 9, 2010

Filmmaking Contest!

"My Sucky Teen Romance" Filmmaking Contest!

In my new movie "My Sucky Teen Romance", the characters watch a B-horror movie called "Killer Roadkill". The only problem is, this movie doesn't actually exist. That's where you come in!

Create a short, cheesy horror film under 8 minutes that involves a weredillo (definition: werewolf - wolf + armadillo) chasing a girl in the setting of your choice! Just follow the specifications below:

-No shorter than 3 minutes, no longer than 8 minutes
-No copyrighted materials in the film
-The weredillo must be prominently featured
-Title of the movie: "Killer Roadkill"
-Upload on YouTube by July 27, 2010 and send the link to:

The winner will have the film featured in "My Sucky Teen Romance", and the filmmakers will receive 2 tickets to first screening of the movie. Top entries will be featured on the DVD.

*Note: "My Sucky Teen Romance" retains the rights to all submissions to the contest.


  1. I have two questions:
    1) How old is the girl?
    2)Does the ending have to be happy?

  2. Can I do it in anaglyph 3D? I realize that it would probably alter your real film too much (the characters would have to wear red/cyan glasses), but I think it would be awesome, and making 3D shorts is my latest obsession. :)

  3. that would be awesome!! Do it! :)

  4. Hi Emily,

    Just one question, do the characters react to the short at all? As in, is it supposed to scare them (despite being cheesy) ...or will they be laughing at it or anything? Or will it have no effect on them at all? I'm just trying to figure out how to approach this :) Thanks. Good luck with your movie!

  5. They are just very engaged- it's up to you if you'd like to make it cheesy or not! :)