Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Website is up!

Thanks to Moises Chiullan for putting the new site together, it's the first revamp since we first put it up for PATHOGEN! You can check out the new Cheesy Nuggets page here.

The order of MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE T-shirts will be coming in, I should have a real update on that very soon!

Also...I'm so psyched that the camera we're going to film the movie on, a Canon EOS 7D, is arriving tomorrow! I've used this camera on a few shorts, and I'm always amazed by the quality. It's a great resource for indie filmmakers on tight budgets.


  1. The Zed Word zombie blog certainly looks forward to watching this project develop. I only wish I could have donated more to your fund drive.

  2. Can't send contact message from the Cheesy Nugggets site:

    "there seems to have been an error trying to send your email. Please try again."

    Contact info?